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Learn how to navigate the ever-evolving world of retirement funds and best fulfil your fiduciary responsibilities in whichever role you play. 

Retirement Fund Fundamentals

Trustees of retirement funds are expected to act in a trustworthy manner and in the interests of their fund members. This course helps in carrying out your fiduciary responsibility with care, diligence, and good faith.


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Investment Fundamentals

The investment world can seem complex and it’s difficult to grasp and make sense of the choices. This course simplifies investments and provides the  knowledge to participate in investment discussions.


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Distribution of Death Benefits

The process and principles for the distribution of death benefits is often not fully appreciated. This course sets out the process to be followed when distributing death benefits.


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Trustee Toolkit 1&2 Space saving

The TTK has been created expressly to provide board members of retirement funds (trustees) with a better understanding of their roles and to carry out their fiduciary duties more effectively.


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Retirement Fund Fundamentals Advanced

The Retirement Fund Fundamentals Advanced course goes beyond the basic obligations of loyalty, care, and prudence to address the unique complexities and challenges associated with managing pension assets and serving the best interests of plan participants.


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Next Level Investments  space creator text

The purpose of understanding more advanced investment principles for a retirement fund is to be able to optimize portfolio performance, manage risk, and align the investment strategy with the fund’s long-term objectives and liabilities. Space saving text


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Risk Management for Retirement Funds texts

Retirement funds are a significant player in the South African economy. With so much at stake for members of funds and the investments made by retirement funds, governance has become an integral part of our lives.

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Responsibilities of the Principal Officer space saving

The role of a Principal Officer is pivotal in ensuring effective management and compliance with regulatory requirements. This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to excel in this key leadership position.


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Annuity Strategies for Retirement Funds space saving

Reaching retirement age may seem like an exciting milestone for anyone but it can also be a time of much uncertainty and stress when it comes to all the financial decisions that need to be made.  This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of annuities and their role in retirement planning. Space saving text to align 

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Retirement Benefit Counselling space saving text

The Retirement Benefit Counselling course aims to empower individuals and their advisors to make informed decisions, achieve their retirement goals, and enjoy a fulfilling and financially secure retirement.




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How to Read Your Annual Financial Statements

Financial statements represent the financial position of a fund. This course will provide you with valuable skills and knowledge that are applicable across various professional and personal contexts, ultimately empowering you to make better financial decisions and achieve your goals. S



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How Tax Applies to Retirement Funds Space Saving 

This course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate the complex intersection of taxes and retirement planning effectively.




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