Retirement Fund Fundamentals


The Retirement Fund Fundamentals course provides fiduciaries with the basic knowledge needed to commence carrying out their duties.

It alerts you to what further learning is required to adequately carry out your important roles and covers a range of topics that are foundational for any fiduciary wishing to fulfil their duties with due care and attention.

Key concepts

  • Understand the duties of the various fiduciaries;
  • Interpret the rules of a fund and understand the legal framework in which retirement funds operate;
  • Appreciate the roles of the various service providers and the fiduciariesā€™ duties with regard to these delegated functions;
  • Understand the duty to communicate with members, and how and when this should take place;
  • Know what to expect of a trustee meeting agenda and supporting documents circulated prior to the meeting and be able to confidently participate in the proceedings at these meetings.
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The course consists of 6 modules and will take approximately 8-10 hours of learning time to complete, including assessments and exercises.

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The Retirement Fund Fundamentals course provides you with an excellent base from which to fulfil your fiduciary duties.